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Today I am joined by Stefanie Gass, a podcaster who helps to empower, educate and transform mompreneurs. We dive into the “lack mindset” that many fall victim to and how this keeps us from choosing fulfillment. She shares why you should own and express yourself fully and why you need to get yourself in alignment with the end goal.

About Stefanie Gass:

Stefanie Gass is the host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University. Fueled by iced coffee, oversized lounge clothes, mom buns, and snuggles from her littles… she is a wife and mama on a mission.

Stefʼs call is empowering women through faith-based business and balance mentorship, to step into their potential, and claim the success and happiness they deserve.

Inside this episode, Stefanie shares:

  • The “lack mindset” and the beliefs that we have that keep us from choosing fulfillment
  • Getting yourself in alignment with the end goal
  • Excuses that people make to stop themselves from doing what they want
  • How much of a disservice not expressing yourself is
  • Changing the narrative around being a mom
  • Creating the boundaries you need and eliminating guilt

You can find more about Stefanie at:

Website | Instagram | Podcast


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