EP 34. High Fashion Executive Quit To Pursue A Bridal Rental Business - Brittany Finkle From Happily Ever Borrowed


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Hello Hustlers, welcome back to the podcast. Today, I am joined by Brittany Finkle, Founder & CEO of an eCommerce startup called Happily Ever Borrowed, a luxury eCommerce site offering rentable bridal accessories so couples don’t have to go broke for their dream wedding. It started off as a side hustle but has now grown enough for her to quit her high paying full-time job as an executive in the top fashion firms in the world. So far, her company has rented to over 2,000 brides and counting - and recently, she launched & designed her own collection of veils, jewelry & headpieces.
A little bit of backstory on Brittany, before she started her business, she worked with multiple luxury brands like Saks Fifth Avenue, Ralph Lauren, Hermès (air mess) and Chanel. She definitely has a ton of experience in the high fashion industry so hopefully, we get to learn a thing or two from Brittany in this episode. Stay tuned if you want to find out more.
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