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When Chef Thomas Curran's much-hyped, Costa Mesa restaurant didn't pan out, he found himself at a fork in life's road. Fifty, spent, and yearning to rediscover meaning - after years "head down" in the restaurant industry - he was ripe for a change. So, he shuttered Taco Brat, boxed up his stuff, and flew to the East Coast to embark on a journey few would have the courage or fortitude to take: walk across the country.

231 days, countless footsteps - and lots of insights, new friendships and stories later - Thomas Curran completed his walk across the continental United States and has returned to Costa Mesa. Listen in as he shares his story of courage, self-discovery and grit on this beautiful and inspiring episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast.

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Taco Brat:

'How To Walk Across America And Not Be An A**hole':

Pacific Crest Trail:

Appalachian Trail:

Lander's Liquor Bar:

Chris McCandless:

Holden Beach, North Carolina:

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Eat Chow:

Arc Restaurant:

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The Harp Inn:

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Valenza Chocolatier:

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