7-Year-Old Listener Names Her Pet Calf After Iano


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Ohh Isabelle... Iano's had many's an honours bestowed on him over the years but this has to be the cutest yet: @IanDempsey Iano meet our new calf, Ian Dempsey born 12/10/19. Isabelle (7) & Grace (5) named him after you as they love listening to you on the way to school. pic.twitter.com/h7Qf61Sa9X — Fionnuala Staunton (@fstaunto) October 13, 2019 The Breakfast Show host gave Fionnuala a call to find out more about their new bovine buddy and chats to Isabelle about the name selection. Here he is, the lil cutie: Check out the fun in full by pressing the play button on screen.

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