Check Out This Uniquely Dark Irish Comedy Starring Pat Shortt, Charlie Murphy & Peter Coonan


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Dark Lies the Island centres around a dysfunctional family in a small Irish town over a week-long period Written by Irish author Kevin Barry and based on characters he created for his own short story collection, Ian Fitzgibbon’s pitch-black comedy stars an impressive Irish cast. The Mannions are a feuding family in the town of Dromord who's issues run deep. Charlie Murphy ('Siobhán' in Love/Hate) plays Sara, who is married to Daddy Mannion (Pat Shortt) but still has a soft spot for her first love Doggy (Peter Coonan - 'Fran' in Love/Hate), Daddy's son. Add Doggy's brother Martin (Moe Dunford - 'Aethelwulf' in Vikings) to this already complicated web of lust and it results in a disturbing comedy that gives a nod to Irish life: Pat Shortt and Charlie Murphy chat to The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show about their roles in Irish cinema's latest offering and explain how an enigmatic Sara fell for a hapless megalomaniac 20 years her senior. Shortt also praises the genius of Kevin Barry, "he kinda writes about the underbelly in Irish society, the darkness, and yet very real people". Dark Lies the Island hits cinema screens on Friday, October 18th, so check it out. Catch the full interview by pressing the play button on screen.

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