TIG Show Chaser #18 - Demon Semen


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This week's episode is a little shorter than normal but the topics are no less vitally important. A sports ball follow up about how "bubbles" work and MLB doesn't, the tenuous magic of a playoff beard, strip club food, and depression versus creativity and window shopping versus reality. Give it a listen and be glad you did. NEW MERCH is available! // Become a Patreon supporter and get early video versions of each episode plus much more. // Visit www.tigshow.com/merch to pick up one of our new shirts, coasters or stickers! // You can follow the show on twitter and Instagram at @tig_show. // Our intro music is a sample from Cockpit, by Silent Partner //#comics #comicbooks #freelance #freelanceartists #art #podcasts #beer #sports #nhl #mlb #efl #swanseacity #coyotes #diamondbacks #depression

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