S2E39 | "Jack Pendergrass - Maximus Inc's Dark Ties to Secret Societies & 'Legal' Child Trafficking"


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JACK IS BACK! This week, I’m honored to bring back the bravest father I know and whistleblower of all things Maximus Inc, Jack Pendergrass!
I met Jack on Twitter a couple years ago and was instantly captivated by the content he was exposing about a company I had never heard of before meeting him: Maximus Inc. What I didn’t know at the time was that Jack’s passion behind exposing this mega corporation stemmed from losing parental rights to his daughter in the secret Family Court system back in 2013-2014. When this devastating and corrupt event happened to Jack, he didn’t just settle on an unfair outcome - he took it upon himself to better understand the system that trafficked his daughter out of his hands and stumbled on the umbrella company responsible for the corruption we see not only in the Family Court system, but also within every 3-letter agency and really within ALL systems related to collecting data on humans globally. Maximus Inc is the shadow company that people still don’t have on their radar… and should. And Jack is someone you need to be following and connecting with if you haven’t already - he is one of only a few people in the world really unraveling the deep and dark rabbit hole that is Maximus Inc. Maximus is the puzzle piece we didn’t know we needed in this giant puzzle of deception...
I’m honored to have back on the show - brave whistleblower, selfless father, Man of God, artist, independent researcher, and my dear friend - the one, the only Jack Pendergrass!
Listen to Jack's 1st Interview on 'The Imagination': S2E13 | "Jack Pendergrass: Whistleblower Exposes Maximus Inc's Complicity in Child Traff-icking" - YouTube
(1) Jack on Twitter: "1.This a reboot of my old account @noogajack77 .
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Other notable names to research:
-Twila Brase
-Beverly Tran
-Rick W.
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