S2E45 | "Becky & Bridget - Discuss Human Trafficking 'Influencers', Judging Survivors, & Podcasting"


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This week, I am joined by my best friends, my business partners of Stand By Survivors LLC and co-hosts of the Save Our Children Podcast, Becky and Bridget! For those of you who are new here, Becky and Bridget are two badass mamas and child abuse activists who have their own podcast bringing awareness to learning how to parent our children and re-parent ourselves in a Red Pilled world. We like to say our podcasts are ‘sisters’ as they both make sense together and were created to be compliments to one another. Where The Imagination covers the stories of survivors and whistleblowers, the Save Our Children Podcast dives deep into some of the questions not answered on this show. Many of their episodes are even kid-friendly and some even feature their own kiddos! Together, we believe we are helping to paint a fuller picture of what is happening and to whom in regard to child abuse of all levels and providing solutions on both ends to help listeners feel hopeful and guided to take responsibility in healing our own inner child within so we can break generational trauma cycles many of us have had to one degree or another within our family lineages.
These girls are absolutely amazing and are so passionate about helping others - and they do it with full-time careers, as full-time mommy’s and as devoted content creators. The Imagination podcast wouldn’t be what it is without them as they were the ones who helped me kick this project off and believed in me while most everyone else was outcasting me.
Becky and Bridget took a short hiatus on their podcast to get some much-deserved rest, recovery and family time and I knew we had to do a show when they were back and catch everyone up on what they’ve been doing and what is coming up!
So, without further ado, I’m honored to introduce two of the most amazing women I know - two of my best friends and two of the most passionate people on the planet who devote every waking minute of free time they can squeeze out of their crazy days to BE the change they wish to see in the world - Becky and Bridget from the Save our Children Podcast!
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