S2E47 Ali Adams - HEAR HAZEL NOW: Baby Trafficked to Pedo by County, Police & Judge Cover-up EXPOSED


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This week, I am joined by past guest, mother and whistleblower, Ali Adams, who is going to break some never-before-seen video footage and information with you in regards to her daughter Hazel’s abuse and child trafficking case.
Ali has been on the show multiple times before and if you’ve missed those episodes, I’m going to link them below because they are all damning, and all corroborate what you are about to hear today. In summary - if you are new here or new to Ali’s story - Ali is and has been in the fight of her life to get her daughter, Hazel, back after she was unlawfully trafficked to her sexually abusive, pedophile father through the corrupt and secret Family Court system. If you’ve been sticking with me through the years, you have seen and heard how prevalent these stories are worldwide and Ali’s story mirrors and parallels the other horrific stories that have been brought to light by other parents on this show such as Samantha Baldwin, Meghan Walsh, Jennifer, and Jack Pendergrass - just to name a few.
Ali has spent years whistleblowing her allegations on social media, and today, Ali is exposing some of the most damning evidence yet. This might quite possibly be the most revealing video I’ve had yet on this podcast. Hazel is still in custody full-time with her abuser and Ali is telling all in hopes that this video can circulate wide and far enough that justice can be brought to light after all these years of darkness. I’m going to let Ali takeover this week’s show and what I ask from all of you is for your full attention while listening and/or watching and your support in helping to circulate this video on every platform and everywhere possible. If you are listening on Spotify or iTunes, I’d encourage you to also watch the visuals we will be showing on my YouTube and Bitchute channel - the links to both of those are always in the show notes.
Throughout this journey, Ali has also become a dear friend and I’m honored to help bring this important story to life. Though I have never met Hazel, the impact this little girl has had on my heart has been life-altering and I know this little girl’s story is going to change the world (alongside her mother) once her freedom is granted and her healing can commence. Ali is one of the most incredible mothers and humans I’ve ever met and her bravery, compassion, and strength is a super power that I cannot comprehend. All I do know is that Ali’s abuser messed with the wrong Mama Bear and underestimated her spirit and capacity to weather any storm. What he also underestimated was the divine and unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Hazel deserves to be reunited with her loving and innocent mother once and for all, and the dark and horrific abuses Ali and Hazel have endured at the hands of an abuser who dares call himself a father AND the child-for-profit scheme that is the secret Family Court need to be revealed once and for all. I know in my heart that Ali is meant to help expose this corruption happening all over the world and when she speaks, she speaks not just for Hazel, but also for every parent and child still gagged, bounded, and silenced by these corrupt systems. It is my honor to have back on the show - warrior, mother, woman of God, voice for the voiceless, Family Court and child abuse activist, and Hazel’s hero - Ali Adams.
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