S2E49 | "Chrystal - Stillpoint Zen Cult Survivor on Breaking Free & Healing from Cult Programming"


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This week I’m thrilled to have whistleblower, YouTuber, child abuse advocate and educator, animal lover, all around sweetheart, survivor ally, and survivor of ‘Still Point’ Zen Cult, Chrystal on the show!
When I met Chrystal, I had no idea she was a survivor. She has had such a supportive presence in her support and advocacy work of other survivors that I assumed she was on the outskirts like me and joining this fight from the outside. Little did I know the enormous story this girl has!
Reminiscent of past guest, India Oxenburg, Chrystal’s story and Still Point Zen Cult parallel on many levels what was able to take place for so long at the NXIVM cult that was finally exposed and taken down, and why this specific topic is so important for people to understand and be aware of is because it also brings to light how easy it is to unknowingly fall prey to abusers who disguise themselves as ‘masters’, ‘coaches’, personal development gurus, and even Gods. We have a misconception as a society that cults are something that exist but are hidden - and what is vitally important for us to educate ourselves on is being able to identify the cults that exist in plain sight - waiting to be discovered by people like you and I. Because of this, I believe all of you listening will find so much relatability in Chrystal’s story because Chrystal wasn’t born into a cult and had no idea of knowing that the Zen community she was hand-picked to join by the original Still Point Master himself, ‘Umi’ - who studied under Osho - another well-known Zen Master most of you have probably heard of - and marketed as a community of like-minded individuals on a path to enlightenment and healing - was actually a dangerous, controlling, and abusive cult with abusive cult masters. When the death of Umi happened during Chrystal’s time at Still Point, this story also takes a surprise turn as new leadership took over and shows how abusive cycles in these cult circles rarely stop - they simply take on a new form, shape, and marketing and repeat the same abusive behaviors all over again onto the trusting and vulnerable people who are simply seeking refuge on their healing journeys.
YouTube Channel: @schoolsucks - School Sucks - YouTube
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Video about Stillpoint: Cult Talk: former cult member speaks out - Stillpoint Zen Community - YouTube
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Stillpoint Documentary: Stillpoint (vhx.tv)
**NOTE FROM CHRYSTAL: You can find the Mymuna's content on Youtube and Facebook, but I do not want people spamming or harassing her. If you see how her name is spelled in the Facebook post I bring up around the 1:21 mark, you can find her content that way (she changed her name spelling recently). I only offer this as an example, not as an invitation to troll anyone.
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