S2E5 | "Josh Monday - When Christianity Meets Conspiracy: Fl-at Earth from a Biblical Perspective"


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This week you are in for a treat! Joining us is someone who is a huge inspiration to me - Josh Monday! In his own words - he’s a Christian rapper, devoted husband, father and Army veteran, and in my words - he’s a hero. Josh has a podcast I follow religiously called the Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast that has been a tremendous resource in my own pursuit of learning the truth about our world. You can find his podcast on almost all mainstream platforms such as iTunes and YouTube and I’ll have all his information linked in the show notes so you can go follow him as well!
I came across Josh’s podcast earlier this year when I was researching a popular guest I had on recently, the amazing Gary Wayne. Josh’s podcast populated into my feed and I’ve been hooked ever since! If you enjoy this podcast, enjoy guests like Gary Wayne, enjoy alternative history, learning about secret societies, Jesus, and conspiracies… The Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy podcast is for you!
Josh is an incredibly compassionate host who gives a voice to the people and stories mainstream media will NEVER feature. Although I’ve learned so much from Josh’s guests - I’ve also learned so much from Josh who so graciously educates us on his own research on every episode. Josh didn’t have to get into this fight and does his podcast for free for all of us. He stepped into a fight he could have easily ignored and stayed quiet about and for this reason and more I consider him a hero and someone I admire and am inspired by.
Today we are going to build off last week’s podcast with Sean Hibbeler and dive deeper into the Flat Earth theory - but this time from a Biblical perspective and angle. This was a topic I shied away from for a long time because - perhaps like many of you - I thought it was a ‘conspiracy’ before I actually took the time to explore it. However, the deeper I’ve allowed myself to go down this rabbit hole, the more sense it makes and the more I realize that the narrative we are taught as children is simply more indoctrination to keep us from having conversations like what you’re about to hear today. In my opinion - few people are more qualified to take on this topic than Josh!
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