S2E50 | Laura Worley: Putting Together the Pieces to the Puzzle of the Cabal, Mind Control & Slavery


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This week I welcome an absolutely inspirational voice of our time and former guest on the show - SRA and MK Ultra survivor, author, woman of God, speaker, trainer, coach and educator, Laura Worley!
Laura’s story touched my heart after learning she was born into a generational cult family and was sold into the CIA and MK Ultra projects as a child and I was so grateful to have her on the show last time to tell some of her harrowing story and more importantly to share the all the inspirational and beautiful ways she’s used her experiences and pain to create these incredible business ventures that are and will leave the world better than she found it and will leave the world a safer place for our children. If you haven’t listened to Laura’s first episode, I encourage you to go listen before or after this show (link below!)
Laura is the author of the break-through book, “Puzzle Pieces to the Cabal, Mind Control and Slavery” - which is based on her own experiences and is a crucial resource for survivors and those of us on the outside wishing to be empowered with learning the truth of the world we live in, she is currently writing and authoring her second book which is super exciting, she’s a podcast host and has her own YouTube channel, is the creator of the Worldwide Transformational Summit, and continues to inspire and educate thousands all over the world through public speaking engagements and the amazing work she does one-on-one with clients as a certified holistic practitioner and transformational coach!
This week. Laura will catch us up on what’s she’s been up to since last time AND she has a special and exciting announcement about a LIVE event she will be hosting that YOU are going to want to know about and are going to get all the details in this episode on what it is and how you can attend and take part - which I encourage you ALL to do!
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