S2E51 | "Remi Adeleke - 'The Unexpected' Global Networks of Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking"


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This episode is going to blow your mind. This week, I am teaming up once again with Becky and Bridget from the 'Save Our Children Podcast' for a special combo episode featuring jack of all trades and master of all of them, Remi Adeleke! When I say Remi’s resume and life story is impressive, I’m not joking and could easily spend an entire episode just on this intro alone! A true riches to rags and rags to riches story, Remi calls his life the TRUE ‘Coming to America’ story. Born into African Royalty in a small country in Western Africa, his picture-perfect life took a devastating turn after circumstances surrounding the death of his beloved father forced his family to uproot to America - which began a new life filled with adversity and struggles.
After years of running the streets out in The Bronx, NY, Remi knew he needed a change and enlisted in the US Navy in 2002 and began his inspirational and transformational journey from Streets to SEALs. Ironically inspired to join the Navy through Michael Bay films like “Bad Boy” and having a story that reads like a Hollywood film, Remi probably had no idea that his own resume would one day include making an appearance in the Michael Bay film, “Transformers” and scoring a major publishing deal with a book appropriately titled, “Transformed: A Navy SEALs Unlikely Journey from the Throne of Africa to the Streets of the Bronx to Defying All Odds” - a truly remarkable piece of literature you should all check out.
Describing his life in one word, “Unexpected”, Remi joins us today to discuss the debut of his short film of the same name, “The Unexpected” that will premiere on Sept 30th and shines a bright light on topics that are near and dear to our hearts and typically shunned by creatives working in the entertainment industry: Human Trafficking and Organ Harvesting. His harrowing film has already been met with high acclaim and we couldn’t be more honored to give you all the juicy details on this breakthrough project...
THE UNEXPECTED FILM by REMI ADELEKE (BronzeLens Film Festival Finalist) - YouTube
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