S2E52 | "Isaiah Robin - Controver-SOUL Artist on Satanic Hollywood, Not Compromising & Godly Vibes"


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This week, we welcome you to a special combo podcast episode with hosts of the ‘Save Our Children Podcast’. Becky and Bridget! We are thrilled to introduce to you this week - faith-based independent artist, podcast host creator and voice for truth, Isaiah Robin!! Isaiah has been an inspiration to all of us with his boldness in discussing the hard topics most artists don’t have the courage to talk about - and in an industry that denies God, grooms children, and outcasts those who are outsiders to the beast system, Isaiah continues to be one of few who dare to discuss our Lord and Father, quote Scripture, and to bring attention to saving the children. Isaiah is the founder of Godly Vibez Apparel and creates wholesome and powerful content across all platforms.
Isaiah’s newest album, Controver-SOUL is already making waves, facing censorship and is absolutely an album every one of you listening should go support and listen to. It’s so refreshing seeing more independent artists being recognized and we couldn’t be more honored to share Isaiah's voice, story, and inspiration behind the music with all of you!
Introducing today, man of God, conspiratorial wordsmith, TikToker, content creator, artist, and voice for the voiceless - the one, the only - Isaiah Robin!
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