S3E3 | "Patrick & Lisa Meister - Only God Rescued Us: Our Journey From Satanic Ritual Abuse”


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I had the great honor of meeting Lisa and her amazing husband, Patrick in person over a lovely dinner recently and it was not only a highlight of my year - but of my life! Every guest I’ve had on the show I’ve only had the honor of meeting remotely and it’s so unbelievably special to me that I got to meet the Meisters in person. They are and were even more special in person than I knew them to be from a distance. If you’ve been following the podcast the past couple years, you know that Lisa has been a frequent guest on the show and on this episode, I’m eternally grateful to also introduce to you today, SRA hero, husband, father, man of God, fierce protector, professor, SRA and child abuse advocate, and Lisa’s amazing, incredible husband, Patrick Meister! This is Patrick and Lisa's FIRST ever interview together - how special!
Patrick truly is a role model to boys and men everywhere and he’s the type of man I wish and pray to see more of in the world and in this fight advocating for our children and for survivors.. I was honored when he said ‘yes’ to joining Lisa for this very special episode to discuss this very topic in how to support survivors in all phases of their discovery, disclosure, and healing journeys.. In a survivor’s healing journey, the role of the husband, friend, listener, therapist, and shoulder to cry on cannot be understated in it’s importance and I couldn’t think of anyone else better to shine a light on this topic than Mr Meister himself!
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