In Search SEO 76: Unpacking Google Patents for Better SEO Know-How


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SEO legend Bill Slawski joins the podcast as we explore his approach to using Google patents to better understand the world of SEO: • Why analyzing Google’s patents are such a vital part of doing SEO • How to approach Google’s patents for SEO insights • What trends and patterns have Google’s patents revealed? Plus, we take a look at a new feature that is putting top of the funnel content on the SERP into a corner! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EPISODE SUMMARY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the first segment, Mordy and Sapir discuss Google’s topic filter SERP feature and its impact on online businesses. In short, while websites would prefer to initially grab a large audience on their landing pages and then have the user browse for specifics, Google wants to skip that step and have the users filter their decision before they click on any site! In other words, Google is leaning websites to create more targeted content as opposed to casting a larger net. In the interview segment, Mordy interviewed Google patent maven Bill Slawski. After starting off with why Bill’s websites have a fish and sea theme, the two dive into how to research Google patents. As the conversation evolves, Bill and Mordy go into specific patents from the past as well some interesting patent facts... like how not all patents are implemented as Google patents are often redundant approaches to a particular problem. Timestamps: How Google is Making It Tougher Than Ever to Reach Broad Audiences [00:05:30 - 00:17:53] How to Analyze Google Patents to Unlock SEO Gems [00:17:53 - 00:49:41] SEO News [00:51:12 - 00:56:58] Resources: Spam, Damn Spam, and Statistics In Search SEO Podcast [Episode 55] When Google’s Intent Targeting Goes Too Far Dan Russel’s Site Google is Suggesting Searches Based on Users’ Recent Activity Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: Bill Slawski Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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