In Search SEO 79: Tracking Google’s Algorithm Updates & SERP Feature Changes


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The great Dr. Pete joins the podcast to share what goes into tracking Google’s updates to its algorithm and SERP features: · Why chasing the Google algorithm is harder than many think · The upside to keeping tabs on Google’s SERP feature trends · How to understand Google Plus, we take a hard look at why Google’s Search as a Journey is failing to meet expectations! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EPISODE SUMMARY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the first segment, Mordy and Sapir pick up from last week and discuss Google’s conflicting messaging. This week they focus on Google pushing for deeper content yet not offering access points to that content. Meaning, while Google is incentivizing deeper content, there’s very little access via the SERP to this content. It seems Google could do a much better job at sharing targeted content that would extend the user’s journey. It would appear that Search as Journey has a lot of room to grow. In the interview segment, Mordy interviewed Dr. Pete Meyers, a marketing scientist at Moz, to discuss tracking Google updates. They explore the thrill of chasing the algorithm, what tools they use, Google algorithm winners and losers lists, finding the common thread of an update, and more! Resources: In Search SEO [Episode 78] What’s Google’s Goal? Why Google is All About Authority Is top of the funnel content under attack? How the SERP is set to change Google’s May 2020 Update: Winners, Winners, Winlosers, and Why It’s All Probably Crap How-to Handle Zero-Searches Timestamps: Is Search as Journey Effective? [00:03:53 - 00:19:54] Chasing and Tracking Google Updates and SERP Features: A Conversation with Dr. Pete Meyers [00:19:54 - 00:54:47] SEO News [00:55:22 - 00:59:21] Hosts: Mordy Oberstein Sapir Karabello Special Guest: Dr. Pete Meyers Follow the podcast on Twitter: Subscribe: Presented by Rank Ranger:

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