The Best of The Indian Startup Show - Part 9


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Sit back & enjoy some of the best moments of The indian Startup Show. But first I would like to pay tribute to everyone listening and subscribing to show for the past four years. Without you, this podcast would not have been possible! I’m very grateful. You will hear from

­Anupama Gowda, Co-founder of Workbench Projects - On building a maker space for tinkerers, artists, makers, engineers & anyone with an inspired spirit!

  • A project using tidal wave energy for domestic use
  • Thoughts on Hyperloop is it hype? or for real?
  • Building amazing things with wood!
  • A project using the first electronic stethoscope
  • Her dad supporting her madness
  • Arts background
  • Working with Colonel Vinod - ex-Paratrooper & international hockey player!
  • Favourite pieces of Art
  • Working with Tamil children to produce digital fabricated puppet show

Raghav Gupta, Co-founder of Nymble Labs - On creating a curry cooking robot! Freeing Indians from their kitchen!

  • Meet Julia your curry cooking robot!
  • Best advice received from the Bosch Tech accelerator
  • His favourite & least favourite foods
  • Being covered by Bloomberg
  • How much will it cost?
  • 600 people applied for the Bosch accelerator - Why did they get in?
  • What would this business look in 10 years time
  • Favorite products - Dyson

Nivedha R.M - Co-founder of TrashCon - On a mission to solve India’s huge waste management problem.

  • Being a mentor to people 3 times her age
  • Not giving up easily!
  • Age, qualification , status - does not matter
  • Seeing huge mountains of landfill
  • Bringing about a change in society.
  • Hitting the right pain point at the right time
  • How she got the idea - great story!
  • What happens after the waste gets separate - very interesting case studies!
  • What can go wrong?
  • Getting help from her mother


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