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I'm Courtland Allen, and on I've interviewed hundreds of developers about how they've turned their ideas and side projects into profitable online businesses. The Indie Hackers Podcast dives even deeper into the stories, challenges, and tactics behind the people who are bootstrapping and growing their own indie businesses.
I talk to people like Mike Carson, the founder of, who makes over $1.5MM/month from his one-man operation. People like Christy Laurence, who got an app built from scratch despite not knowing how to code herself, grew revenue to $1MM in the first year, and who now employs dozens of people. I interview founders who are just getting started turning their brand new ideas into businesses, so we get an authentic glimpse at what the early days look like. I even bring on the occasional Silicon Valley tech founder, so we can see what it's like to raise millions of dollars from investors and move at breakneck speed.
In every episode we discuss the highs and lows of a founder's journey, what it's like to risk it all and lose, and the amazing lifestyle changes that comes from hard-earned success. We dive into the fundamentals behind getting started, coming up with promising ideas, testing the market to see if they'll work, building an app or a website, finding your first customers, building a team (or staying solo), scaling up from a few hundred in revenue all the way to millions or hundreds of millions, and what to do once you've reached your goals.
Whether you're currently running your own business or you're an aspiring entrepreneur who's just tinkering, on this show you'll learn by example how to become a financially independent indie hacker, and I guarantee you'll have fun doing it!

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