217 | Lessons From The Vineyard - Building Momentum For Your Growth


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Having just visited the amazing La Lastra winery in Siena, Tuscany, I’ve been contemplating the idea of building momentum for your growth. It is a simple idea that I too often overlook – the idea that we should focus on what works. And it is an especially important notion now, as the end of the calendar year approaches.

Christian, who gave us a great tour of the winery, mentioned that when they prepare for the end of the year after the last harvest, they remove most grape branches from the vineyard. What they do, however, is they pick the few strongest branches and they keep them. And those few best branches are the ones that they use for the next year’s batch. I found this to be really fascinating as it directly correlates to business growth as well.

Building momentum for your growth, particularly around the end and the start of the year, is very important for our overall success. It’s not an easy process as it involves shedding all the unnecessary branches – everything we do that isn’t optimal for our goals and that doesn’t improve our momentum.

To focus on what works we need to only keep a few key things in our lives and that requires a great deal of self-discipline. However, it is a great way to achieve high performance and reach the success that you maybe hope to achieve next year.

To focus on what works we often have to say ‘No’ to a lot of things we’d rather keep in our lives. So I’m not saying that it is something everyone should do all the time. But building momentum for your growth is essential if you want to achieve success next year and that process should start now!

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