Long Life Learning with Michelle R. Weise


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Today’s guest offers us a fascinating glimpse into a near-future where careers last 100 years, and education lasts a lifetime.  Our guest makes the case that learners of the future are going to repeatedly seek out educational opportunities throughout the course of their working lives — which will no longer have a beginning, middle, and end. Her book focuses on the disruptive and burgeoning innovations that are laying the foundation for a new learning model that includes clear navigation, wraparound and funding supports, targeted education, and clear connections to more transparent hiring processes. The book examines:   * How will a dramatically extended lifespan affect our careers?  * How will more time in the workforce shape our educational demands?  * Will a four-year degree earned at the start of a 100-year career adequately prepare us for the challenges ahead?  We welcome the author of Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs that Don't Even Exist Yet, Michelle Weise, welcome to the show.

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