197: It’s Not What You Think, It’s How You Think


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What if I told you that what you think doesn’t matter? It’s true. Here’s the thing: what you think isn’t nearly as important as HOW you think. Understanding your thoughts and where they come from is crucial. In this episode, I’m giving you tools to fully engage in some conscious conversations so that we can move forward together to build the world we want! I explore what a habit loop is (and how they affect you). You’ll also learn the importance of actively engaging with people whose opinions differ from your own and how we can change the world by creating more understanding and less division.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why it’s not what you think that matters, but HOW you think
  • What a habit loop is - and how they affect you
  • The need for more understanding and less division in our world
  • How to determine if your opinions are truly your own
  • Momentum builders for shifting how you think and holding space for people with different beliefs and opinions

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