207: Achieving The Lucrative Life


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Is it really balance that we need in life before happiness and success can happen, or is there something else we should aim for? Here’s the truth… Balance is bogus! It’s a buzzword that’s thrown around too often, and it does little but set you up to fail. But guess what? It’s not all hopeless! In this episode, I’m walking you through how to focus on harmony--instead of balance, and how to maintain it after you’ve found it. You’ll also learn how to get in a rhythm in your business and your personal life that works for you and how to finally start leading the lucrative life you want!

What’s In This Episode:

  • Why balance is bogus
  • How to find harmony in life
  • How to define your boundaries and frame your mindset
  • The 4 lifestyle categories
  • The differences between dreamers, hobbyists, workaholics, and thrivers

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