Creating a Powerful Public Persona is no longer a Choice - with Rocky Buckley


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Rocky Buckley, the Creator of Platinum Path and The Power Persona Project. Rocky helps experts, thought leaders, and influencers to "Go Platinum" by reinventing their brand, strategy and business model. He helps transform what experts, influencers, and thought leaders already know into high-priced training programs, so they can generate 5-figure clients and create lucrative lifestyle businesses they can run in a few hours a week.
In his high caliber FB group, he has interviewed STU McLAREN, Pedro Adao, Kevin Harrington, BRIAN KURTZ, BOB BURG, to name a few...
So if you are a thought leader, expert, coach, consultant, solo entrepreneur, author of a book, you don't want to miss this interview. Rocky Buckley and I know each other since 2006 when I joined Stompernet, the earliest and best internet community marketers still talk about. What a great honor to have him on my podcast "The Interviewers!"

We are diving deep into what it means to play your public persona well, harmonizing the inner and outer game, positioning yourself in a crowded online marketplace, and above all, earning enough to have your business setting you free and being able to enjoy your lifestyle.
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