How to Be a Confident Leader in Your Niche with Susan Young


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Radio news reporter and news director the NJ/ NY Media Market, Visibility Expert Susan Young interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. In 2000, Susan Young opened a media relations and PR consulting firm where she teaches professionals how to get more visibility and grow their business and impact. Susan Young has been honored by Associated Press and the New Jersey Broadcasters Association and was being named one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter.’
On the show we covered the inner game, i.e. self-talk, self-belief, and self-love as well as how to improve your confidence as a guest expert on podcast appearances, with invaluable advice and tips from how to pitch to podcasters, how to write your bio, and how to market your message confidently to your audience. Topics included:

  • How we can up-level (improve) our confidence and communication
  • Becoming a confident leader in your niche
  • How to gain more self-confidence to self-promote as a guest expert on podcasts

Resources mentioned during the show:
A Free 1-Hour video training to help you become a confident leader + speaker... landing interviews with podcasters + reporters
How to Easily Write 4 Versions of Your Bio that Pop
Discover How to Easily Make Your Point So You Feel Like a Confident Leader.
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Susan also has a vibrant Facebook group, teaches online courses, offers to consult and coaching sessions, and you can contact her directly through her website at
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