Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking - with Andres Ruiz


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Motivational speaker and life coach Andres Ruiz presented a Ted Talk recently. I have listened to his talks many times and he is very motivational and inspirational. Very importantly for this podcast, he is the co-host of the common good radio show and has his own podcast with the same name.
On the show, we covered the inner game, i.e. the 5 fears of public speaking, self-belief, and self-talk as well as how to step out of your comfort zone as a guest expert on podcast appearances, with invaluable advice and tips from how to start a morning routine that gets you energized and makes you confident throughout the day (all covered in his new book on Amazon to which he adds if purchased, a free coaching session with him).
Topics included:

  • How we can overcome the 5 fears of public speaking
  • Self-talk and self-belief and how they relate to those fears above.
  • How to overcome those fears and take action to finally self-promote as a guest expert on podcasts

Resources mentioned during the show:
**Morning Warrior Secrets:** Morning Rituals For Health, Happiness and Wealth https://www.amazon.com/Morning-Warrior-Secrets-Rituals-Happiness-ebook/dp/B08K2SYYJ5
His website is https://www.ibelieveinmyself.org where you can find his Legacy Coaching Academy which is A Step-by-Step Program to become a Full-Time Coach https://www.ibelieveinmyself.org/legacy-coaching-academy
His podcast is called Common Good https://anchor.fm/andres-ruiz50
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