Resilience is the Nucleus of all Mindset Traits - With Kristin Durney


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Kristin Durney is the Co-Founder and Executive Consultant and Coach for Mental Wellness Unleashed. She is a seasoned Corporate Human Resources Executive with 20+ years working with large Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized and small organizations. She works with leaders, employees, and teams to develop and support an inclusive best-in-class mental health and wellness culture in the workplace.
Kristin designs programs in Cognitive Behavioral Techniques that strengthen mindset, promoting confident mindful skills for peak results and wellness.
Quote: “Facing adversity with resilience and authenticity to help create solutions to transform behavior and mindset is the key to life-changing growth.” ~ Kristin Durney
Bullet Points:
- How do you define Resilience and Where does Resilience fit in the overall spectrum of Emotional Intelligence?
As I was going through therapy, the main principle of mindset was resilience, there are 7 principles of resilience... Neuroplasticity, our brains are malleable, we can actually retrain our brains... When I talk about resilience we intertwine emotional intelligence with that, and that is self-awareness, social awareness, it's the self-regulation of emotions, and managing our relationships... For a growth mindset, resilience is key. Resilience is sustainable, it is a skill that can be developed...
- Let Go Of Who You Aren't and Become Who You Are. I saw this quote of yours on your website. Can you elaborate?
We are living a limitation-self, we are not living our authentic self. You can control how you respond but not what happens to you.
- What is the one question you want me to definitely ask you relating to our topic today?
How did you become resilient and how did you sustain it? That is the question I would love people to ask.

How to get in contact or learn more about Kristin:
Her fabulous website for more information is where she offers two courses: the Manage Your Mind Series and the Tell YOUR Story Series, there is also an opportunity for personal and corporate coaching programs.
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