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Get ready to thumb a ride into the foundations of the cloud. Chris and Mark take you on an audible time hop through the stages of Microsoft data center innovation, planning and scale – into the foundational underpinnings of SharePoint in Office 365. First, they speak with Richard Harrison, data center technical architect, about how Microsoft invents at the physical data center layer (in a full-scale data center lab). Second, Mark speaks with Som Coelho, principal program manager, to understand large-scale, long-term hardware capacity planning. Thirdly, we chat with Zach Rosenfield, principal group program manager, charged with making SharePoint an elastic, reliable, scalable service worldwide. It's a longer episode, and it's worth every 90 minutes of it. Thumbs out. Here we go!


TRT: 01:29:09:00

  1. Show Intro
  2. Topic of the Week – The Microsoft datacenter: Interview w/ Richard Harrison [00:04:00:00]
  3. Guest Perspective, pt.1: SharePoint in the datacenter with Som Coelho [00:29:00:00]
  4. Guest Perspective, pt.2: SharePoint in the datacenter with Zach Rosenfield [00:41:00:00]
  5. FAQs of the Week [01:14:00:00]
  6. Upcoming Events
  7. Show Wrap / Outro


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Microsoft Ignite, September 24-28, 2018

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