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The SharePoint toolkit supports numerous tech personas: developers, IT, and business folk alike. The Intrazone connected with experts across development and business while at SPC19. Joining Mark and Chris are Laura Kokkarinen, a senior developer at Sulava, and Vesa Juvonen, principal program manager at Microsoft. Together, they discussed the current state of Office development, SharePoint Framework and more. Later in the episode, Mark and Chris chat with Dux Raymond Sy, chief marketing officer at AvePoint, about his thoughts on SPC19 keynote announcements, what he's hearing from AvePoint customers, and his rock star speaker training for presenters.

Running Time: 58min

Show Intro [00:00:00:00]

Topic of the Week – Developers, Partners and the SharePoint Framework

Guest Perspective – Vesa Juvonen + Laura Kokkarinen [00:01:25:00]

Guest Perspective – Dux Raymond Sy [00:32:35:00]

Upcoming Events [00:52:15:00]

Show Wrap [00:57:00:00]

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