Value Investor's Edge Live #6: Teekay LNG Partners' Management On The State Of The LNG Market


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Mark Kremin, CEO, and Scott Gayton, CFO, of Teekay LNG Partners (TGP) joined Value Investor's Edge live in New York City to discuss the current LNG markets and TGP's specific prospects. We discussed their Q4 guidance, 2020 expectations, overall deleveraging goals, future growth areas, how to balance growth versus deleveraging, sanctions risks, valuation comps, and their smaller LPG assets.

Topics Covered

  • :45 minute mark - Start of discussion- Overall LNG market views?
  • 3:15 - Fixed charters and performance versus spot players?
  • 5:50 - Remarks on Q4-19 Guidance (see slide below)?
  • 8:00 - Timeline for the final growth (Yamal #6 & Bahrain)?
  • 10:45 - Deleveraging target? 5.5x versus 4.5x?
  • 12:50 - Timing for future growth projects? 2023/2024?
  • 14:55 - How to balance growth vs. stock repurchases?
  • 19:35 - Is the COSCO-related risk fully resolved?
  • 23:35 - TGP earnings multiple & comp discussion?
  • 26:35 - Uses of $100M Awilco proceeds? NOK Bond plans?
  • 32:35 - Are dividends driving your stock? When will payouts increase?
  • 38:25 - What sort of forward growth is prioritized? Anything industrial?
  • 41:05 - Final push! Confirm no growth unless the ROE is better than stock?
  • 43:55 - LPG assets: Are these core? Multi-gas core?

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