E280 - 2021: A Year In Review - Steven Pesavento


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In the last episode of the year, Steven takes us through a review of some of the great things that the Investor Mindset and at VonFinch Capital have experienced in 2021. Discover the amount of change and growth that is able to happen within so many people's businesses and with our own simply by coming together and using some of the key strategies that we have talked about this past year.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Steven’s 4 favorite MUST LISTEN to episodes from last year that you definitely want to go back to hear
  2. The amount of growth at VonFinch Capital has experienced this past year
  3. Steven’s mission is to help inspire and impact over a million people to live a better life through Real Estate
  4. The best vehicle to create more freedom, flexibility, and fun is through investment in Real Estate

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