Privacy - a cornerstone of democracy


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Privacy is one of the most compelling conditions to attract our attention right now. An unalienable right, it has been nevertheless eroded in the digital age where, through a combination of feckless sharing and avaricious harvesting of data, there is a thin line between who we are and what we share. Flippant argument in the form of ‘what have you to hide?’ combined with a determination to ferret out real or imagined threats has created a world where democracy is fighting for its life.

Without privacy we have no screen to protect our lives, our choices and our children. The stranger peering in the window of our world will make judgements big and small. The world is not made up of binary right or wrong, good or bad. And even if were, there is no one so boring that would not welcome the opportunity to close the bedroom door, the bathroom door.

Just as we enter a world where personal financial freedoms are on the table, and there for the taking, so too is the magnifying glass of virtuous onlooker, poised to follow each transaction to its bitter end.

Anish Mohammed, co founder of Panther Protocol and responsible for technology and architecture, takes about the challenge of implementing privacy and asserting it as a human right. He advocates for opening a portal where financial freedoms and security are provided through safe and concierge-led routes. Oh and it includes zero knowledge proofs.

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