Ep 348 What Gay Byrne did for Irish women


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Today we’ve dedicated the podcast to Gay Byrne - the legendary broadcaster who died on Monday 4th November - and specifically to his impact on women in Ireland. Most of the listeners to his radio show were women, he regularly made space for women on both radio and on The Late Late Show, allowing their voices to be amplified on topics such as divorce, sex, religion, contraception and feminism. He allowed Ireland to see women in a way that challenged the pervasive view in the 19709s and 1980s. One of the many women who spoke about these issues on the Late Late was Ann Marie Hourihane who appears on this episode. Both Women’s Podcast host Roisin Ingle and Ann Marie are super fans of Gay, and are both very sad at the loss of him this week. To some degree this is a bit of a Gay Byrne love in but much more than that it’s a look back at the part Gay played in changing society, particularly for women in allowing these important conversations to take place.

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