426 - Gilbert Gottfried: Laugh Everyday (It's Medicine For Your Day)


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Gilbert Gottfried started doing stand-up comedy when he was 15 years old. He dropped out of high school and within 10 years he was on Saturday Night Live. And he built his career up from there. But he's also been the center of a lot of controversies. People get upset at comedians for "going too far." But Gilbert does it for a reason... He said, "I remember, I did this show that was a tribute to Joan Rivers. It was right after there was that shooting at a gay nightclub. I started doing jokes about the shooting and the audience was laughing all the way through and you know, Joan Rivers has a large gay audience. One guy tweeted me and he said, ‘I never thought that I’d wake up crying and go to sleep laughing.'" It's easy to misunderstand people. And get upset. Whenever I'm made, I say to myself, "This means I'm not understanding something." So then I move that anger into curiosity. I kept asking Gilbert about his jokes. And we walked me through the humor. This episode will make you laugh and maybe uncomfortable but I promise the laughter makes it all worth it. The laughter is medicine for your day.

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