The Brosnan Detour - The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)


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Hello, dear listeners!

Welcome to the first ever official entry of the Detour series in which hosts Mathieu and Edgar spend a little bit of time outside the James Bond phenmnmnon to discuss films starring the 007 actors. This week, we get up close and personal with the one and only Pierce Brosnan. Call it ‘’The Brosnan Detour.’’

Mmm, yes, very up close and personal. We’ll be whisked away to a far off, sweaty central American country Panama, and late at night we’ll found ourselves in a gay club dancing chest to chest with the delightful Geoffrey Rush as the game of seduction…

Hold on, That’s not right. That not the plot of The Thomas Crown Affair, is it?

Just a second, folks.


Ok everybody, nothing to worry, we’re back on track. Ah yes, Brosnan plays sophisticated venture capitalist and art lover Thomas Crown, and after having stolen a valuable painting in one of New York’s finest museums, insurance agent bounty hunter Rene Russo tracks him town to a sexy ball where they start dancing, their bodies glued together, the passion in their breaths palpable, sweaty…

Wait, wait wait. Are we sure these are different movies?!?

They are? Are you sure? Final answer? Ok, if you say so…

We hope the listeners enjoy our new Detour series. As an old friend of James once said, this one’s very sexiful. So sexy in fact that doing it on a cold marble floor is smmmmmmoking!

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