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It's a New York Giants reunion and there are some stories, and confirmation of other stories... and AP is a great guest.

It's an EPIC podcast as Jason & Osi give the people what they want...Longer! The longest ever J&) podcast but there is A LOT to say about Osi hiking up Mount Kilimajaro for Comic Relief, staring death in the face and quite literally saving the future of BBC hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing (our 'Dancing with the Stars' US listeners). It gets heavy but it's never far away from funny and you can watch clips @NFLUK to see Osi and Jason in colour.

Ed Balls, by the way, can talk....

Hit us up with your reviews and your #ASKOSI and #ASKJBELL topics and we will get to them when we gather again in a couple of weeks.

All Hail to THE CHIEF ....UPRISE!

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