Peptides, mRNAs & the Future of Anti-Ageing w/Nick Andrews


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Peptides are a major game changer in health, body healing and restoration; and the sign of a new era in supplementation. Every well-intentioned person who is interested in being optimized should be aware of the various modalities and therapeutic value peptides offer. They should be at the top of the list of things that can truly make an impact on the entire body. But even with all the proven life changing outcomes, we’re still dealing with government agencies and authorities that want to keep peptides out of our hands, and their motives are clear.

It’s important for those in the know to empower the population by educating them on peptides.

What do we need to know about peptides right now? What are mRNAs and how are they leading us to Matrix-like developments? In this episode, I’m joined by biochemical engineer and my partner in Aseir Custom, Nick Andrews. We talk about developments with peptides and optimization.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals are the fundamental reasons aging cells express themselves in an unhealthy way. GHK-Cu makes the DNA express itself in a healthy way again. -Nick Andrews

Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode

The incredible abilities of GHK-Cu. Healing, muscle-building, fat loss, cognition improvement, immunity, life extension and disease prevention. This effect is multiplied with the use of other peptides like C60.

mRNAs have the potential to change DNA as we know it, but the closer we get to the DNA, the less room for error we have. In the wrong hands, mRNAs can bypass our physiological cellular safety and cause harm.

The risk to the human population if 5G becomes the dominant spectrum across the world. 5G can potentially cause huge health issues if it becomes the standard, but many of its downsides will slow its adoption around the world. Nick goes into detail about these downsides.

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