The Importance of Spinal Health & The Wholeness of the Human Structure w/Dr. Olman Mata


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Chiropractic is a growing field that has been instrumental in the healing of so many people, and my guest has played a huge role in it. Why have doctors been so resistant to this field of study? What is the difference between straight chiropractic and mixer chiropractic? How does chiropractic help people achieve healthier bodies? On this episode, “Chiropractor to the Stars” Dr. Olman Mata, shares his work and how chiropractic is transforming health as we know it.

We adjust the spine, restore the nerve impulse and allow the body to heal itself through adjustments and nothing else. -Dr. Olman Mata

Three Takeaways

  • Traditional doctors don’t know much about chiropractic. In the past, they wanted to hold onto the insurance dollars of patients and didn’t want to be competing with other practitioners, like chiropractors.
  • A true healer understands how to assess the body, human structure and skeletal alignment to help restore its wholeness.
  • Most insurance plans don’t cover chiropractic, and that’s why so many people don’t go to chiropractors and get adjustments.

At the start of the show, Dr. Mata shared how he got to where he is today, and how

an injury and car accident led him down the path of becoming a chiropractor. Next, we talked about how he got a product he invented mentioned by Oprah, and what it takes to be a healer. Next we talked about why so many people don’t experience chiropractic, and how celebrities have helped to change that. We also discussed the two schools of thought in chiropractic.

We also discussed:

  • Why traditional medicine is afraid of chiropractic
  • Where humanity is headed in this new decade
  • If people going to merge with technology even more than now

Guest Bio-

Dr. Olman Mata is an author, speaker, inventor, and is recognized as “The Chiropractor To The Stars.” He is the founder of Covina Chiropractic. His other company, On Production Chiropractic, provides Chiropractic care to the cast and crew of television and motion picture productions. Visit for more information.

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