Anurag Avula, co-founder and CEO of Shopmatic


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  • (1:14) Anurag’s self-introduction and background prior to Shopmatic
  • (4:08) Why Anurag decided to leave PayPal and create Shopmatic
  • (9:09) Anurag explains why Shopmatic was first launched in India
  • (10:53) How Shopmatic is different from its competitors
  • (13:35) Anurag explains the difference between Shopmatic Go and Pro and walks through the Shopmatic customer experience
  • (19:31) Selling on various platforms and social channels using Shopmatic
  • (22:08) Anurag explains how payment processors are integrated with Shopmatic
  • (24:50) The Shopmatic revenue model
  • (25:36) Anurag’s expansion plans for Shopmatic
  • (27:03) Anurag describes Shopmatic’s Inspiring Entrepreneurship Program
  • (29:13) Anurag’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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