Coronavirus Rocks The (Sports) World. What's Next? NFL Free Agent Frenzy Begins. Rick Pitino Finds A New Home. Podcast Update For The Coming Weeks


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Can it be? A world without sports? Join me as I’ll uplift your spirits as we recap a wild week and what lies ahead on Episode #118. On deck:

(2:18) The coronavirus rocks the sports world as leagues, tournaments and seasons come to a screeching halt due to the worldwide pandemic of the aforementioned virus. I’ll chronologically go through all that took place, the watershed moment of the week in the NBA, the subsequent postponements, suspensions and cancellations across the board as we sort through the wreckage piece by piece.

(21:08) I’ll share a few tips on what I feel are the best tips to deal with being indoors, sequestered from the world to keep yourself upbeat and positive through this process.

(26:56) Some NBA news and notes regarding Mark Cuban, Giannis Antetekoumpo and Zion Williamson’s charitable efforts for the employees working in the arenas during this stoppage. The Yankees and Mets decide not to break camp and continue to build and bond team chemistry.

(32:05) The NFL will be front and center as the free agency period begins today. I’ll discuss the big contract that Ryan Tannehill received, Tom Brady’s impending destination and the Ravens steal of a trade getting DE Calais Campbell from Jacksonville. Also, Rick Pitino finds a home at Iona (New Rochelle, NY) Is this a huge risk considering his peccadillos off the court? And what lies ahead for the podcast if games/news are on an indefinite hiatus? I’m working feverishly in the lab to come up with some creative and thoughtful ideas to keep the podcast entertaining and informative for you, the fan.

Plus, my Hero and Zero of the Week.

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