Hope For A Possible Return To Sports? NFL Draft Winners & Losers, The Last Dance Pts. 3 & 4/Jordan 'G.O.A.T.' Put To Rest, A-Rod & J-Lo Bid To Buy The Mets?


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Fired up to deliver some possibility, positivity and creativity as Episode 128 has chock full of sports nuggets to keep you entertained while quarantined. On deck:

(2:53) The possibility of sports making its way back to the national stage. It may be some time, but maybe not as far off as I once thought. Plans that the NBA & NHL are proposing to come back and my thoughts on whether it can be pulled off?

(12:12) Recapping the NFL Draft winners and losers, the wheeling and dealing throughout the league, why drafting a QB in Green Bay was a risk, but justified? Also, will the NFL continue to be unscathed during the coronavirus?

(34:29) Can the players be ready in the 3-4 week period as suggested by NBA player president, Chris Paul? The Last Dance aired episodes 3 and 4 last night. Why you need to watch this NOW? The ‘sports hatred’ that’s a thing of the past and settling the score as to why Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T?

(55:43) Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez bidding to buy the Mets? Why that may be a good thing? And not so bad overall for the star couple! You’ll definitely want to hear what I have to say about that and the Red Sox penalty for their version of sign stealing in 2018.

(1:01:48) Plus, my Hero and Zero of the Week.

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