Lakers: NBA's Best Team? LeBron For MVP? Theory On Nets Coach Firing. Prelude To March Madness. 'Canes/Flyers Rise In NHL. Red Sox Scandal Resolution? NFL Owners Hope Players Refuse CBA?


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Tired of the same sports narratives you hear on other shows or podcasts? Look no further than to hear what I have to say about what’s happening throughout the sports landscape on Episode #117. On deck:

(2:01) The Lakers left their mark on the NBA after big wins against Milwaukee and the Clippers this weekend. Are they the team to beat? Is LeBron James the league MVP after his battles with Giannis and Kawhi?

(15:24) The Brooklyn Nets ‘mutually agree to part ways’ with their head coach, Kenny Atkinson. My question is why now? And I have a theory as to why they let go of their former coach with their rivals across the river always in their shadow.

(33:24) March Madness is a week and a half away, but Conference Championship Week is here. I’ll bring you up to speed on all that’s happening in the college circuit as I serve the appetizer to next weeks main course for the NCAA hoops fan.

(39:15) The Hurricanes and Flyers have been the hottest teams in the NHL. They continue to move up the standings to solidify playoff positioning. Also, what does this mean for the Islanders? Losers of six in a row and with a four game road trip to Western Canada and Pittsburgh, needless to say, this is their biggest stretch of the year. I’ll have an up to the minute look at the standings as we’re less than a month away from the end of the regular season.

(48:33) As the baseball season is two and a half weeks away, will MLB complete their investigation on the 2018 Boston Red Sox before the start of their season? Will the penalties be as harsh as the Houston Astros?

(55:01) There have been whispers that some of the NFL owners are hoping that the players reject the latest proposal of the CBA so that they can add another game to the 17 game schedule. Why didn’t they all agree on this the first time around? What if they get what they wish for? Is armaggedon near?

(1:00:36) Plus, the XFL and my Hero and Zero of the Week!

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