MLB Players Resistance! NBA Players Hesitance? NHL's Hub Existence? NFL Kneels For Justice! Golf's Quiet Return & Much More!


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Zooming through the month and the sports stratosphere bringing you up to date on ALL that’s going on in the world of sports, Episode 137. On deck:

(3:13) The players and owners of the MLB have become increasingly distant by the day when it comes to an agreement to play ball. There’s only one person who can solve this. Unfortunately, it may leave a stain with the group he works for. I’ll explain.

(17:57) A couple of interesting notes came from the NBA over the weekend. One - Kyrie Irving’s comments about not finishing the season in light of the recent civil unrest in this country. Two - the players concern about isolation, being in a ‘bubble’, their health to complete a season has come under pressure in the past few days. Is Kyrie right? Should some of the players back off, if they wish?

(33:33) The latest on the NHL hubs as they look to start training camp on July 10th. Also, how the first round of the playoffs could be an advantage for the 5-12 seeds going up against the 1-4 seeds in the second round?

(38:17) An NFL head coach will kneel with his players during the national anthem, as well as, multiple players as well. What will the owners do? They’ve been quiet up until this point.

(43:00) I discuss the summer of 1998 with Sammy Sosa & Mark McGwire’s home run chase. Alex Cora’s comments on his participation in the 2017 Astros sign stealing scandal.

(44:45) Why I was not attracted to the Charles Schwab golf tournament over the weekend? Roger Federer hangs it up for 2020 and my Hero and Zero of the Week.

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