Positive Vibes Only On MLB's Legitimacy/.400 Hitter? NBA's Reboot/Player Opting out? LBJ Decision Anniversary. NHL Hubs, CBA & 2020 Draft Order? Cam's Impact In NE & Much More


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Leaving the candid, negative vibes behind for this week as I shine on the positivity of the sports world as I present, Episode 141. On deck:

(2:51) Kicking off the podcast with a theme of good vibes as I focus on not detailing how COVID-19 could potentially shut down sports as we know it.

(6:41) MLB’s upcoming 2020 season. Will it be legitimate? What if a player flirts with batting .400? I have lots to share on that.

(16:14) NBA’s restart schedule has been released. It’s way too early for predictions, but players are opting out of playing in Orlando. Will this trend continue? Also, LeBron James celebrates an infamous anniversary. It was ten years ago that The Decision was the talk of all sports. I’ll recap the hoopla surrounding that firestorm.

(27:12) The NHL are narrowing down hubs for their postseason. Who are the front runners? The league is working on the next CBA, but there’s a caveat. I’ll explain. And who came up with this bizarre way to get the number 1 pick in this years draft? You won’t want to miss my assessment on that topic, as well as, there are a few inductees to Hockey’s Hall Of Fame as I’ll get into whether or not they are worthy of being enshrined in Toronto.

(37:26) Cam Newton has finally found a home. It’s with New England. I’ll share his possible impact in Foxborough but also chime in on the biggest reason why this may not work? The head of the players union (DeMaurice Smith) made some sober comments regarding the players protective safety before the start of training camp. Is he wrong for bringing it up?

(45:13) Plus, NYC Marathon canceled. The golf over the weekend at The Travelers in CT. Bubba Wallace fallout from the alleged noose in his garage and my Hero and Zero of the Week.

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