The Agony Of Defeat! Chronicling The Worst Losses Of My Favorite Teams. Plus, NFL Draft Round 1 Breakdown


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A couple of weeks ago, I shared my euphoria and excitement as a fan over my favorite teams (i.e. Mets, Steelers, Celtics, Islanders and Hoyas) winning a championship. Today, it’s the complete opposite as I bring to you (Episode 127) my perspective of digesting their toughest defeats.

(4:18) A disappointing collapse in the 1996 Big East Final, among a couple of other losses, will never erase the bitter taste of losing a national championship in 1985 as Georgetown bows to Villanova.

(12:37) The Drive For Five. Losing to the Rangers in the first round back in the 90’s was bad, but you’ll be surprised as to what the roughest NY Islanders loss was for me.

(19:26) Tough defeats at the hands of the Lakers in big spots highlight this brutal stretch for the Boston Celtics.

(28:40) It gets interesting here. The Steelers suffered some inexplicable losses in the postseason, but nothing like the 1994 AFC Championship Game vs. the Chargers. I’ll explain why.

(46:02) And then…there are the Mets. Losing to the Yankees in the Subway Series? The Royals in 2015? Not even close. There are three that come to mind, with not just one, but TWO honorable mention that you won’t want to miss out on.

(59:05) Lastly, I’ll recap the top headlines of the first round of the NFL Draft. Not a lot of drama, but some surprises, especially what took place in Green Bay.

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