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Tired of hearing the same voices regurgitating the usual, recycled narratives day after day?

Want to hear a new, fresh voice who doesn’t resort to over the top yelling or animation to get my point across?

If it’s entertaining, informative sports talk with in-depth analysis and red hot opinions, providing an abundance of the passion and fire that you’re looking for in a host?

Look no further as I, the host of The JAYREELZ Podcast will deliver the goods each and every Monday with a ‘state of the union’ in the world of sports and another pod later in the week with a special guest ranging from the former/current athlete, sportswriter, blogger, broadcaster, studio host and the occasional fan.

Coming at you from New York City (The Bronx) sharing my thoughts on everything that happens between the white lines and beyond for the casual sports fan or the rabid diehard. The JAYREELZ Podcast ALWAYS comes correct, direct and in full effect!

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