When Will Sports Return? Should NBA/NHL Jump Right Into The Postseason? MLB In November? At Neutral Sites? COVID-19 Impact On Players/Owners. Acquaint With YouTube. A Birthday Wish From You!


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Closing out the first quarter of 2020 delivering some realism and fast paced sports analysis on Episode 121. On deck:

(2:37) Will sports resume in the near future? By summer? In ANY part of 2020? I’ll delve into a possible grim reality on how the coronavirus has a stranglehold on the sports world and if there is any relief in sight? Will the fans rush back into the stadium? What happens if the virus isn’t 100% eradicated? Those are a couple of the questions I touch on as you won’t want to miss my thoughts on this.

(13:25) Should the NBA/NHL transition right into the postseason, if and when, both leagues resume? NHL’s Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby think so. While Conor McDavid says, play fair and finish out the regular season. You know I have a thing or two to say about what both leagues should do upon re-starting their seasons.

(18:02) The MLB campaign hasn’t begun, but there have been discussions on what to do about 2020. Should they extend the schedule deep into the fall? Should postseason games be played at neutral sites? What about the All-Star Game? Various queries and I have answers regarding the above and more.

(28:09) How COVID-19 continues to impact the players on the field, court, ice (statuses of Utah’s Donovan Mitchell and Boston’s Marcus Smart, two Colorado Avalanche players), broadcasters (ESPN’s Doris Burke) and even owners (NY Knicks James Dolan).

(31:30) Catching up on some fringe signings in the NFL as the free agency period starts to whittle down as we get set for the draft next month. What that may look like as you’re watching at home? YIKES! Get ready for that, NFL fans!

(35:36) Why you should acquaint yourself with YouTube (Duh!) to watch classic games, as I suggest a few hockey tough guys (you know that’s my thing) from yesteryear to keep you occupied and entertained while being self-quarantined.

(38:53) My Hero and Zero of the Week.

(40:51) Plus, a birthday wish that I ask of you, the listeners, as I celebrate another year in the life on March 31st.

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