Navigating Trends as a Stationery Designer with Wiley Valentine


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How do you navigate trends as a stationery designer? They seem to always be changing!

Well, I’m stoked to introduce you to two of my friends in this episode—Rachelle Schwartz and Emily Owen. They are the co-owners of Wiley Valentine, a luxury custom stationery design agency where for the last 14+ years, they work with celebrity clients and top notch event planners.

I met Emily and Rachelle when I shared an office with them (and also with Czar Press, run by Rachelle’s husband, Michael) a few years ago, hence the super casual conversation. Not only did I learn so much from them about the stationery industry, they’re just wonderful human beings full of insights.

Emily and Rachelle have an intriguing and inspirational story of how they hustled as total newbies in the industry to get to where they are now. And having been in business for 16 years, they also have some experience weathering tough times—I’m talking the 2008 recession and the current pandemic.

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