68: Overcoming The Fear of Selling


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Sales & Networking – Free Video Training Series Video 1: Overcoming the Fear of Selling Selling is often scary for many entrepreneurs because selling brings up all of your fears and even core wounds. I have worked with hundreds of clients who have shared with me that they feel afraid of coming off in a negative or salesy way and that sometimes they are so afraid they feel frozen and do not sell at all. So, in today’s video I want to go over some elements and share a process that you can integrate right away to help you not only overcome your fear of selling but empower you in you in sharing your work with potential clients. 1. People need what you are selling to become fully expressed. 2. Normalizing and neutralizing fear. 3. Value of what you are selling integration process. 4. Declaration Example: I love selling (enter your program or service or product name here) because (who does it add value to them) and I feel (how do you feel) when I serve clients I love and get to sell (what you are selling). I am so excited to sell (what your selling) today because I am fully expressing myself and sharing my purpose and heart with the world. I am open to receiving my ideal soul mate clients who are aligned and ready to receive (enter what selling). I chose to show up in love, kindness, service and honor for all beings and myself today. And so it is. Thank you! I hope this supports you and feel free to ask me questions! I am here for you to crush your goals an realize your dreams! XO ~ Jess Have a question or want to dive deeper? Connect with me here and explore our 2020 mastermind. https://www.jessicavalor.com/mastermind

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