70: Sales Strategy & Reaching Out Process


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Reaching out online or following up form in person connections. Be authentic and serve/sell or invite to connect from a space of love and kindness. Be unattached to outcomes. Be excited about what you offer but unattached from an outcome of someone buying something…because when you detach you trust and allow all of the magic (flow of energy) to happen so each person has space to decide what is a YES for them. Be present, not pushy. Everyone is always selling something personally or professionally and a no often a not right now. Also, even if the person you are connecting with is a no, maybe they have a referral for you-s o always ask if they know of anyone they could connect you with because this is the fuel that develops relationships in your life and business. Also, offer the same. This creates the energy of collaboration over fear or scarcity thinking. 1. DO your deceleration I shared from the video overcoming your fear of selling 2. Use your tree exercise or a list that you track hopefully or both and write out the # of people you will connect with today (is it 10, 20, 100? Be realistic about your time) 3. Schedule the times you sell in your calendar every day or week. DO not skip weeks when things are going great, keep selling and connecting to stay in flow and grow. 4. Research the person and know WHY you are wanting to connect with them first. a. Why do you like their vibe? b. Why are you excited to connect with them? c. What do you offer that you feel could be of value to them? d. Ask questions and listen to them and maybe even write down what is super important to the person. 5. Ask how you can support them right now. 6. Ask if they are open to listening to what you have to share. 7. Know not everyone is a fit or a right now but they may be aligned as a friend, refer partner, connection for media or some other path. Stay open to the flow. 8. Track in excel short note and date and if there is a follow up. 9. If a colder connection, I prefer to send a kind, warm voice memo and the ones who listen to it always respond and thank them for taking time to personalize a message for them. It makes a huge difference. Have a question or want to dive deeper? Connect with me here and explore our 2020 mastermind. https://youtu.be/K2HB89999pA

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